US IT Healthcare package with 3 US National Certifications (HIPAA, HL7, PAHM and ICD-10)

Medesun Healthcare solutions, pioneers in Medical coding, billing, auditing and ICD-10 Training offering US IT Healthcare training and certification.

Package includes:-

  • HL7 Training: Health level 7-Certification by HL7.org Prepares you for Certified HL7 Certification Exam-Work on Mirth, Cloverleaf, Iguana. Rhapsody HL7 Engines
  • HIPAA: Health insurance portability and accountability act- Prepares you for Certified HIPAA Administrator Exam
  • PAHM: Professional, Academy for Healthcare Management Prepare you for AHM-250 Exam and get PAHM certification
  • ICD-10: Get certified as ICD-10 Analyst

Excellent opportunity to upgrade your skills. DONT miss. If you are unable to attend the class, you can take online training.

This is a good opportunity for the Medical Coders as coders has the complete revenue cycle knowledge.

Detailed Learning Objectives

Students will understand the structure of the HL7 version 2.7 messaging standard, focusing on orders, arrival and status information exchange and results.

Training Material
Includes All material with 300 HL7 Sample Questions for HL7 Certification Exam.


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